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Circuit Breakers and Switches

Check our wide range of circuit breakers and switches designed for routing or interrupting current in the electrical distribution circuit, automatically or manually. From the legendary ComPact molded case circuit breaker (MCCB), to the MasterPact high-current air circuit breaker (ACB), our products offer reliability and performance for your electrical distribution system, providing electrical protection in the event of circuit overload or short circuit.

MasterPact air circuit-breakers (ACBs) protect the largest LV lines, carrying currents up to 6300 A. They can be used for source coupling or changeovers. To all high-level electrical professionals, MasterPact sounds like a saga of innovative breakthroughs. Experience full connectivity of the latest generation, Masterpact MTZ, with embedded algorithms enabling ever-higher energy reliability and efficiency.

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Molded Case Circuit Breakers - MCCBs

ComPact molded case circuit breakers (MCCBs) protect cables sized for 100A to 3200 A. Their highest breaking capacities allow them to protect also smaller cables, when connected close to a powerful energy source. As one pillar of digitally connected power distributions (EcoStruxure Power), ComPact breakers take part in energy consumption and asset management optimization. Benefit from 65 years of technological leadership, and rely on proven quality, opted for even in most demanding environments.

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The extensive assortment of switch disconnectors, based on undisputed leading ComPact and MasterPact technologies, help users to manually or remotely interrupt lines with capacities up to 6300 A.

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Transfer switches

Transferpact transfer switches perform changeover between 2 or 3 power sources, by controlling and synchronizing incoming devices on each side, either circuit breakers or switch disconnectors.

Digital interfaces and displays

Choose Enerlin’X interface and gateway devices to connect electrical equipment that uses different protocols and architectures within your electrical distribution system. As part of EcoStruxure solutions, Enerlin’X accessories, including I/O application modules and front display modules for LV circuit breakers, help enhance your installation and connections, making you more efficient in your job.

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Earth-leakage protections

Acti9, ComPact and Vigirex residual current devices protect from hazards due to damaged insulations. Secure your electrical networks against electric shocks and against fires ignited by creeping currents.

Circuit breakers for machine power supplies

Explore how Powerpact MCCBs and Multi9 MCBs enable compliant protection of electrically-fed machines, whatever their eventual country of operation and applicable standards in place.

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EasyPact circuit breakers and switches

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Optimize your electrical distribution design

Explore the benefits of low-voltage (LV) selectivity, cascading and coordination for your electrical distribution design in our complimentary technical guide covering MasterPact MTZ air circuit breakers, ComPact NSX & NSXm molded case circuit breakers, Acti 9 miniature circuit breakers and more.

Future Ready MasterPact MTZ

Integrate seamlessly and improve uptime with MasterPact MTZ circuit breakers and EcoStruxure energy and asset monitoring technologies.

ComPact NSX & NSXm

Built on 60 years of innovative and reliable protection, our world-class ComPact NSX & NSXm molded-case circuit breakers up to 630A now feature integrated earth leakage protection.

Electrical fire protection

Across the globe, electrical fires cause significant damage to buildings of all sizes. These are just some of our solutions for electrical fire prevention. Explore the risk areas, discover protection tips and view our other solutions to help you design, build and install.

EcoStruxure™ for Your Business

EcoStruxure lets you thrive in today's digital world. Make better business decisions with scalable and converged IT/OT solutions.

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